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3 Nonprofit Articles Worth Reading

Between spam and clickbait, it can take hours to find articles that are detailed and relevant to your nonprofit. I’ve surfed the depths of the internet to provide 3 articles sure to improve your operations.

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Understanding Generation Z

Classy always harbors a wealth of information, and they are on my go to list for relevant articles composed into easy to use nuggets of information. In this visual blog, they break down Generation Z, which by 2020 will compose 40% of customers. It’s imperative that you understand the next generation of donors before they make up a large chunk of your revenue. This is a must read.

Gen Z: The Next Generation of Donors

What the Political Climate Means for Your Nonprofit

Whether or not you’re political, the tides are changing for many nonprofits due to the goings on in Washington. npENGAGE [https://npengage.com/] explains what the changes mean for your nonprofit and how to update your marketing strategies in response. This article will teach you adaptability when it comes to your social media, analytics, and content.

What the Political Climate Means for Your Nonprofit Marketing Strategies

Launching a Wildly Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

Did you know that “the average crowdfunding campaign raises $7,000?” To meet or beat this number you’ll want to launch the most successful campaign you can, enter the talented Julia C. Campbell. In this article, she provides 15 steps to rock your crowdfunding and get those donations rolling in.

15 Steps to Launching a Wildly Successful Nonprofit Crowdfunding Campaign

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