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3 Articles Worth Reading

Between spam and clickbait, it can take hours to find articles that are detailed and relevant to your nonprofit. I’ve forded these depths of the interweb to provide 3 articles that are vetted to improve your nonprofit.

Best practices for implementing new software

A thoughtful piece developed by Philantopic, and written by Annie Rhodes, director of foundation strategy for Blackbaud, they stress that it is “essential you have a well-thought-out technology strategy in place before proceeding.” Which is absolutely true. A software switch can be a phenomenal thing for your nonprofit, it can bring your nonprofit up to speed, and often make your life easier. However, it is not an overnight decision. As this article reiterates, the decision should be one made by your team and the option chosen should benefit many.

If you’re considering a switch. They detail the different software options, and how to set yourself up to succeed once the new software is in place.

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Cash flow in the nonprofit business model

Nonprofit Quarterly knocks it out of the park again with this article focused on cash flow. Cash flow “Is where the numbers on budget spreadsheets and financial reports translate into the reality of money changing hands. And as such, it is a very specific lens on the reality of a business model—one that takes into account not just what an organization’s revenues and expenses look like, but when they come and go.” When looking into your organization through the lens of cash flow, you are able to grasp a clearer image of how your nonprofit is doing financially. NPQ will walk you through how to balance cash in and out and discuss cash management across your organization.

The 22 features every top nonprofit website has

In today’s world, when many of us have the attention span of goldfish, it is imperative that you have a website that grabs your reader straight away. Achieving this can be a complicated process, and without marketing experience a daunting task. If you’re wondering where to start, or if your site is up to snuff, check out this article from the fabulous Wild Apricot blog. They provide 22 concrete examples in 3 categories that deal with engaging visitors, attracting members and donors, and converting those members and donors.

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